Beyond Oakham Mount

Beyond Oakham Mount
Series: Pemberley Departures, Book 2
Genres: a Lady, Jane Austen, Pemberley Departures, Pride & Prejudice, Romance
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: Novella
Publisher: 32 Flavors LLC
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780997348446
Happily ever after begins...Beyond Oakham Mount. It is the wedding day of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, and the obstacles and misunderstandings which very nearly kept them apart are now behind them. Thus, the couple begin their new life together with a great deal of delight, humor, and love. At Pemberley, Elizabeth will eagerly take up her exalted role as Mrs. Darcy but not if that means losing herself to do so. Later, they begin a search for a suitable estate in the vicinity for the Bingleys and open their doors to a large house party of their dearest friends and relations. Unfortunately, there are some unexpected guests as well, though Elizabeth is determined not to let neither her mother nor Caroline Bingley cut up her peace. In fact, it is Lord Alnwick, the elder brother of Colonel Fitzwilliam, who threatens to do just that. The Darcy’s love may overcome the petty selfishness and malice of others, but can it withstand the act of a desperate man who blames Darcy for his ruination? Or will it take from Fitzwilliam Darcy the one thing he treasures above all else, his wife? This Pride & Prejudice continuation is book one of a sequel novella series to the best-selling Pride & Prejudice variation, On Oakham Mount.
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